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What Do I Do About Acid Reflux After Taking the BalanceOil?

My daughter has been experiencing acid re-flux since starting the BalanceOil with the orange, lemon and mint flavor. She never had this problem before. She weighs 54 kilos and takes 8 ml with a meal. Should she cut her intake in half then slowly increase to see if it is better tolerated?
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  • Hello Annah,

    Thank you for your inquiry! We have a few suggestions for you and your daughter:
    1. Make sure the BalanceOil is shaken thoroughly before consuming.  The additive poly-phenol (to mix the olive oil and fish oil) can cause a bit of indigestion or reflux if not shaken properly.
    2. Take the BalanceOil with meals, this helps absorb the oil.
    3. If these suggestions do not work, we can suggest switching to our AquaX (mixed with water) or our Essent capsules.
    Have a great day,

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