How do you take your BalanceOil? With water, orange juice, kombucha, coconut water or perhaps your espresso? Are you up for a CHALLENGE? Be a true inspiration and share your morning routine with the world!
Take your #BalanceShot and tell us your story!

Simply mix water or your favorite liquid with BalanceOil+ in any shot glass and post a photo or video of your #BalanceShot on Facebook or Instagram and use use the hashtag #BalanceShot. For every qualified, hashtagged post, Zinzino will donate €10 to Glocal Aid.

Zinzino #BalanceShot
Step 1: Pour liquid in shot glass
Step 2: Add BalanceOil+ (your daily dose)
Step 3: Take your shot!

Zinzino Gives Back is a major sponsor of Glocal Aid charity, united in the mission to bring India’s children out of poverty through education. By sharing your #BalanceShot photos and videos, you agree for Zinzino to share your images on their social platforms.

Promotion will run until we have 500 qualifying posts using the hashtag #BalanceShot

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