Is it allowed for Partners to sell products through their own web shop?

Partners are allowed to have their own websites, but in short, they must comply to the guidelines below:

  1.  They must represent themselves as an Independent Partner of Zinzino and use the marketing materials with the Independent Partner logo on them. You can find such materials in the File Library of your Back Office under Marketing Tools
  2. The name of their website or social media page cannot contain any trademark owned by Zinzino. You can find a list of names you can use for inspiration in the File Library of your Back Office under Social Media
  3. Partners are not allowed to make any health claims or talk about COVID-19, cancer etc. Partners are allowed to copy product texts on our official website and in product sheets because they are approved by EFSA and safe to use
  4. If a Partner operates their own payment system, their websites must always show our Retail prices.

Zinzino Customer Service

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