Q&A regarding price increase 2022

- Will I be affected by the price increase?

- If your subscription is within the commitment time, you will not be affected by the price increase until your commitment time is over. If your subscription is not committed, you will be affected by the price increase from the 1st February 2022.

Q - How do I know if my subscription is committed?

A - The commitment time is 6 monthly payments in addition to the starter package, here you can read to see how you can see how many payments you have made. Keep in mind that if you place separate orders in addition to your subscription, these will not be included in the commitment time.

Q - How can I see which products I subscribe to?

A - You can see this information in different ways. For example on your invoice, order confirmation or by logging in to your customer account. Here you can see how to log in to your account. After logging in, click on Subscription. Here you can see the product(s) you have on your subscription.

Q - Why have you made a price increase?

A - The reason is the current world situation with increased inflation, currency fluctuations and higher freight and raw material costs. Our goal is, as always, to continue to deliver and develop the individualized, scientifically proven products that have become our hallmark.

Q - How do I log in to my customer account?

A - You do this by visiting our website www.zinzino.com. You click on log in, fill in your customer number and password. You can read more about this here.

Q - Where can I find the price list in different currencies?

A - Below you can find the links to the different currencies.
EUR​​​ ​DKK​​​ ​British Pound​​​ ​​Zloty​​​​SEK and NOK​​​ ​Australian Dollar​​​ ​

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