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What payment methods do you offer?

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  • We offer payment by:
    1.  Credit card**
    2.  Paper invoice**
    3.  Digital invoice*** (e-mail invoice)
    4.  Collector**** 
    5.  Giropay ***** 
    6.  Sofort / PayNow****** 
    7.  iDEAL *******
    8.  American Express (except in Switzerland)
    Please note: We offer different payment solutions in different countries.
    You can find your selection of payment method when completing your order or when you change your payment method.

    *(1)We accept the following credit cards:
    • In Europe: Visa, Mastercard (In Finland also Visa Electron) and American Express except in Switzerland)
    *(2) NOTE: By authorizing a credit card payment to a customer startkit, you also accept that the monthly subscription order will be charged on the same card until you choose a different payment method.

    ** Valid for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Faroe Island, Finland, Estonia, The Netherlands and Germany.
    *** Valid for Europe.
    **** Valid for Sweden, Norway and Finland.
    ***** Valid in Germany
    ****** Valid in The Netherlands, Germany and Austria
    ******* Valid in Netherlands
    Zinzino Customer Service
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