What payment methods does Zinzino offer?

We offer payment by:

Credit card*

If you have chosen to save your card for your subscription or AutoOrder, a withdrawal attempt will be made on the due date.

We accept following cards in Europe:
  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express
We do not accept American Express in Switzerland, South-Africa and Malaysia.

* NOTE: By authorizing a credit card payment to a customer startkit, you also accept that the monthly subscription order will be charged on the same card until you choose a different payment method.

How do I update my credit card details?

Email invoice
The invoice will be sent to the email address registered with us 20 days before due date.

Payment information
If you have cosen to pay via bank payment, then you can use the following information:

Recipient: Zinzino Operations AB
IBAN: SE5450000000050598225307
Bank: SEB
Payment Reference Number: Please use order number noted on your invoice.

Please note: We offer different payment solutions in different countries.
You can find your selection of payment method when completing your order or when you change your payment method.
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