What payment methods does Zinzino offer?

We offer payment by:

credit card*

If you have chosen to save your card for your subscription or AutoOrder, a withdrawal attempt will be made on the due date.

We accept following cards in Europe:
  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express
We do not accept American Express in Switzerland, South-Africa and Malaysia.

How do I update my credit card details?

email invoice
The invoice will be sent to the email address registered with us 20 days before due date.

Please note: We offer different payment solutions in different countries.
You can find your selection of payment method when completing your order or when you change your payment method.

* NOTE: By authorizing a credit card payment to a customer startkit, you also accept that the monthly subscription order will be charged on the same card until you choose a different payment method.

Payment information
If you have cosen to pay via bank payment, then you can use the following information:

Recipient: Zinzino Operations AB
IBAN: SE5450000000050598225307
Bank: SEB
Payment Reference Number: Please use order  number noted on your invoice.

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