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Why Does Zinzino Use Plastic Bottles Instead of Glass?

Zinzino Customer Service
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  • The plastic bottles we use for our BalanceOil are of certified virgin raw material quality which means, no recycled material and are certified to be of food grade quality. The factory making these bottles must be, and are, certified for making food quality bottles. No contamination happens in the production and the bottles can be used at once. The same is for the cap, as plastic is more commonly used for food and food supplements.  

     Also, over time (like 5 years!) certified glass or certified plastic has the same quality preservation properties. Meaning, nothing happens to the bottle over time and there is no migration of chemicals or heavy metals into the product. It does not matter if its water, oil, wine or beer. This is checked with authorities and there are standard test methods that must be used, standard limits for heavy metals and toxins that are used when checking. The same rules apply everywhere.  

     The fact is, the glass bottles must be made of certified food grade quality to ensure no heavy metals are migrated from the bottle into the oil. Glass is in fact a very critical packaging material and you cannot use any glass bottle! Proper glass quality is critical and difficult, so most authorities also demand an independent test done by SGS, GS or TUV to support the certificate. When using a glass bottle for food, the certificates and tests results must be presented to the Food and Health Authorities. Zinzino must do this, and we do, for example on the glass bottles used for coffee Syrup. Why is our syrup in a glass bottle? – Simple, the small factory does not have a packaging machine for plastic bottles.

     So why does Lysi and Zinzino use plastic? Because quality aspects are the same, the price is cheaper and from an environmental view plastic is better. Glass production contaminates the earth where it is produced, glass production consumes more energy, glass is not being recycled as much as plastic, and plastic is either recycled and used for other products or burned with waste. This kind of plastic becomes CO2 + water and the plastic bottles are light and thus transportation do not consume as much fuel.
    Zinzino Customer Service
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